Apixio introduces Clinical Understanding Exchange at HIMSS 2012 conference Apixio.

By prioritizing information necessary to help achieve an objective, the CKX framework locations less information technology burden on a health care organization. This approach can, in many cases, mitigate data and personal privacy ownership issues. Essential to CKX is its sophisticated mapping of an incredible number of medical ideas with one another based on their power of association, as dependant on processing large medical corpora, regular medical hundreds of thousands and terminologies of clinical documents, says Darren Schulte, Chief Medical Officer for Apixio.Despite their high prevalence, there is little research taking place to instruct us how exactly sleep and mental wellness disorders are related. What we do know is that relationship is much more complex than saying these nagging problems co-occur. If we are able to identify the young kids who are most likely to be anxious or depressed, perhaps based on the earlier emergence of sleep problems, then we are able to intervene before these disorders consider hold. In addition to the possibility of developing later mental health problems, chronically insufficient rest in children has been found to have negative effects on efficiency in school, extracurricular actions and sociable functioning.