Aphios awarded US patent for procedure to formulate polymeric microspheres.

In addition, the exposure of therapeutic agents to organic solvent adversely results proteins integrity and bioactivity. The blend is decompressed through a nozzle into an aqueous remedy then, liquid nitrogen or an empty vessel . Polymer nanospheres are produced encapsulating the protein therapeutics. By changing nozzle process and design parameters, the process can be utilized to produce polymer microspheres also.. Aphios awarded US patent for procedure to formulate polymeric microspheres, nanospheres Today announced that it had been awarded United States Patent No Aphios Corporation. 7,708,915 B2 for ‘Polymer Microspheres/Nanospheres and Encapsulating Therapeutic Proteins Therein,’ granted May 04, 2010.Americans worried about thyroid cancer development from mammography Some Americans have expressed concern, due to an erroneous media report, that the tiny amount of radiation an individual receives from a mammogram may significantly raise the likelihood of growing thyroid cancer. This concern simply isn’t supported in scientific literature. The radiation dose to the thyroid from a mammogram is incredibly low. The thyroid is not exposed to the immediate X-ray beam used to image the breast and receives only a little amount of scattered X-rays .