Another nationwide government shutdown feasible in coming months.

A majority of Us citizens state the shutdown in October triggered significant injury to many government-funded programs including medical research, defense and education. Democrats and about half of Republicans and Independents agree. On the topic of sequestration, a plurality says Congress must tackle taxes and entitlement reform to lessen the deficit instead of continuing the 10 years of across-the-board cuts; another 16 percent say sequestration isn’t the right way to decrease the deficit.Many of the ongoing health issues affecting eligibility for armed service service, such as asthma – which disqualifies people from enlisting unless they have a waiver – are directly or indirectly linked to too little exercise and poor diet plan. The group believes that the military can play a role in helping to solve a few of the country’s problems, as it has previously. One historical example of how this can work was the intro of the institution lunch plan during WWII – a program championed by General Lewis Hershey and made to overcome the malnutrition issue of the time, that was keeping many from serving in the pugilative war effort.