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Bush last fall proposed a $7.1 billion intend to prepare for the next worldwide outbreak of a super-strain of influenza. Wednesday’s statement updates that strategy, an incremental step that basically outlines specifically which government agency is in charge of some 300 jobs, many already under way. As CBS News correspondent Bill Plante notes, the report is meant to appeal to the private sector, and also government agencies.Clean the true face in tepid to warm water. Carry out this technique until acne is fully gone. Sandalwood and turmeric Two elements that not merely fight pimples but help remove dark areas from face, turmeric and sandalwood are natures response to acne. The oils in sandalwood lighten your skin complexion besides offering it a warm glow. Blend equivalent proportions of sandalwood and organic turmeric powder with rosewater to produce a paste. Apply this paste on the true face and keep it for 20 minutes.