Also in Global Wellness News: Carter promotes malaria eradication

Also in Global Wellness News: Carter promotes malaria eradication; India to educate tribal populations about HIV/AIDS; WFP feels influence of global recession Carter Appointments Haiti, Dominican Republic To Promote Efforts TO ELIMINATE Malaria Former President Jimmy Carter is planing a trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic in hopes of encouraging the united states leaders to forge a pact to rid the island of Hispaniola of malaria, the Associated Press/Los Angeles Instances reports more info . An estimated 30,000 Haitians and several thousand people over the border in the Dominican Republic are infected each year with the mosquito-borne disease.

Altitude Sickness Prognosis The prognosis for acute altitude sickness is great as long as good sense is used. Descending, delaying additional ascent, rest, and paying attention to the body`s symptoms are often all that is essential to ensure a full recovery. Thin air pulmonary edema has a good end result if symptoms are regarded and treated early. If descent is impossible or if hyperbaric therapy, supplemental oxygen, and access to medical care aren’t available, HAPE can progress to respiratory failure and ultimately to loss of life. Remember that HAPE is the number one cause of death from high altitude illness. More than fifty % of people with HACE who develop coma die. Of these who survive, mental impairment and coordination defects may continue to affect them.