AlphaRx continues to develop Indaflex for the Chinese market AlphaRx.

Notwithstanding to the termination of most Indaflex activity in the U.S.A., AlphaRx continues to build up Indaflex for the Chinese marketplace. AlphaRx is operating diligently using its regulatory consultants in the preparation for submission of a CTA with the China SFDA to be able to begin human trials in China. These preparations are proceeding on timetable.. AlphaRx continues to develop Indaflex for the Chinese market AlphaRx, Inc. , has been suggested by Cypress Biosciences , its advancement partner for Indaflex, that Cypress is not funding advancement of Indaflex.In January 2014, the ongoing company announced the appointment of Steve Allen as an unbiased director. He has many years of experience managing both in and out-licensing agreements with technology companies and branded companies. In 2002, he joined the Mergers and Acquisitions group of Nestle.S., Canada and Philippines. Related StoriesNew analysis highlights vitamin E requirements for those who have metabolic syndromeVitamin D supplements may help reduce threat of falls in homebound elderlyBIDMC scientists discover new vitamin B3 pathway that regulates liver metabolism.

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