A specialty pharmaceutical business located in Princeton.

AstraZeneca to obtain Omthera Pharmaceuticals including NDA-set novel dyslipidemia treatment to check cardiovascular portfolio AstraZeneca has entered right into a definitive contract to obtain Omthera Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical business located in Princeton, New Jersey, centered on the commercialisation and advancement of new therapies for abnormal degrees of lipids in the bloodstream, known as dyslipidemia. Omthera’s investigational item, EpanovaTM, for the potential treatment of sufferers with high triglycerides, is definitely a novel omega-3 free of charge fatty acid composition that is shown to bolster degrees of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid considerably in the bloodstream. In studies up to now, it has been proven to reduce triglyceride amounts and improve other important lipid parameters and is definitely expected to increase comfort for patients by giving both two and four gram once-a-day time doses with or without foods order here http://priligyes.com .