A leader in basic science and clinical research using non embryonic stem cells här.

A leader in basic science and clinical research using non – embryonic stem cells, the NCRM central administration in the Iris S. & Bert L. Wolstein Research Building on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, genetic disorders, from 40 different departments with over $ 37 million in NIH awards and is currently 31 regenerative medicine clinical trials, a number of diseases, including cancer, orthopedics, cardiovascular and immunological diseases to treat här .

The team of NCRM investigators, including assistant professor of medicine and biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Marc Penn, Director of the Earl and Doris Bakken Heart – Brain Institute at Cleveland Clinic, and Kenneth Laurita, MetroHealth Medical Center, the recently of two studies of two studies suggest the new, more effective ways to treat heart attacks. Heart attack, myocardial infarctions myocardial infarctions occur when the blood to to part of the heart, damage or death of the tissue that. In the heart in the heart then sends an SOS signal called stromal cell-derived factor-1 , stem cells mobilized from the bone marrow, migrate to the damaged tissue and begin repair. Even with a certain amount of these cells repair scar tissue forms where the heart has been damaged, leaving patients at risk for arrhythmias due to the scar tissue is slower compared to healthy muscle tissue electrical line. The result of this change in the electrical conduction through the heart muscle is arrhythmia and is a condition in which the heart beats either faster or slower than normal. Although some arrhythmias are benign, many are deadly, especially those caused by heart attacks.

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About ElektaElekta is is an international medical technology group, offers oncologists, radiation therapists, neurosurgeon and many other medical professionals with the latest tools serious disease serious illnesses.