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That is useful because it could enable chemists to make use of those points to add the substances to a delivery agent such as for example an antibody that could target them to cancers cells, without impairing their cancer-killing ability. Complex synthesis that they have some preliminary data Now, the researchers can use their findings to design additional compounds that might be a lot more effective. ‘We can go in with far greater precision and test the hypotheses we’re developing in terms of what portions of the molecules are most crucial at retaining or enhancing biological activity,’ Movassaghi says. The extensive research was funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.. Chemists find help from nature in fighting cancer Inspired by a chemical that fungi secrete to guard their territory, MIT chemists have synthesized and tested several dozen compounds that may hold promise as potential cancer drugs.Actually, I’ve noticed opponents of wellness food actually say that people are food Nazis who by no means enjoy eating the stuff we eat because it all tasted like cardboard. Boy, are these folks wrong: natural, healthy meals is delicious. And get this: we can actually flavor it because we haven’t impressed our taste feeling with extreme nachos, MSG, aspartame, sugars and soft drinks. Health food tastes wonderful: it’s the junk food that’s an offensive taste assault. But people are afraid that if indeed they give up their candy bars, cookies and donuts, they’ll need to live a lifestyle of food celibacy. Therefore fear becomes a solid inhibitor to change, and it’s fear that keeps many people stuck in the outdated destructive eating patterns. Just how perform you conquer that fear? It’s less difficult than you may think.