40 Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics across the country.

Action temporary details of the complaint and permanent injunctions to Carter and MFCU to prevent from searching the records of the customers, 40 Planned Parenthood affiliate clinics across the country, the AP / Star Hanley reports (Kusmer, AP / Kansas City Star, it also asks Marion County Superior Court Judge John Carter’s office need to return the records it has already taken (Indianapolis Star, First, by an agent of the Office of the Attorney General is flashing a badge and demanding recordings faced believed our well-meaning employees that they[ required to turn over the records] by the law, added PPI CEO Betty Cockrum said that the group is no longer legitimate that it is legitimate investigation under way , a the Evansville Courier & Press reports (Whitson, Evansville Courier & Press, This is a clear case of abuse of power, Cockrum said, adding: Instead of protecting medical privacy rights, the Attorney General sells them to his fishing expedition (AP / Kansas City Star..

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