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Identification of genetic risk factor for celiac disease Promises Improved treatmentAn international research consortium studying the genetic causes of intestinal inflammation has identified a new genetic risk factor for celiac disease. The results online online in the journal Nature Genetics, could the way towards improved diagnostics and treatments for the common good, lifelong complaint. Continue reading

But do not pass the measure

Physician-owned specialty hospitals ill-equipped medical emergency handle to HHS OIG reportto any legislation A Senate Finance Committee spokesperson said that to pursue this year , the committee new patient safety rules and more regulation of physician-owned hospitals is planning Medicare legislation. Congress in December 2007 considered legislation that would have mandated more regulation of physician-owned hospitals, but do not pass the measure . – Committee Chair Max Baucus – said: This report found specialty hospital shortcomings across the board, adding that requested the report along with committee members ranking member Chuck Grassley is unbelievable that a device that calls itself a hospital would. At times, not even a doctor on call or a nurse on duty It is unacceptable that these facilities be not designed or equipped to deal with emergencies. .

Molly Sandvig, director of physician hospitals of America, that the report is flawed, because there is no comparison between emergency care at physician-owned hospitals and other types of hospitals provides. She said that CMS should measures against any hospital that does not contribute to the account of the agency. Continue reading

2 World Health Organization.

2 World Health Organization. Retrieved March 23 December 2008.3 Ohtsu, chemotherapy for metastatic gastric cancer: past, present and future. J Gastroenterol 2008; 43:256-264.4 American Cancer Society. Overview: stomach cancer. Find here. Retrieved March 23 December 2008.FDA approved drug Database On MediLexicon websiteMediLexicon International Ltd announce the announce the launch of a new searchable database of FDA approved drugs. Is the largest health abbreviation / acronym / information database search on the Internet – the third most popular website on the Internet abbreviation in each category . MediLexicon MediLexicon Internationals ‘ other websites accessible and advertiser is funded.

MediLexicon International websites are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users the required information quickly and efficiently while also finding the provision of relevant information by sponsors in a non-intrusive way. No registration is required to search the pages on our news archives or use the online databases. Continue reading

Results was enrolled from 12 patients in an ongoing phase I presented open-label.

Results was enrolled from 12 patients in an ongoing phase I presented open-label, to determine dose-escalation study to assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetic profile of XMT-1001 To this day, XMT-1001 were in patients was well tolerated and no serious drug-related adverse events have been reported. Preliminary results indicate a favorable pharmacokinetic profile with low CPT, both total and free again found in the urine the maximum tolerated dose was not reached and the study continues to benefit patients.

Commenting on the data, Robert J. MD Chief Medical Officer at Mersana explained, ‘The Phase I results show that in humans, To this day. The active ingredient in XMT 1001, from the from the carrier as Fleximer prodrug in such a way that will be assigned to avoid common security problems with drugs in this class. So far we have no evidence of drug – related serious adverse events and the study is seen in progress. ‘. Continue reading

Since 1972

Since 1972 .of the molecular mechanism shows potential future Cancer Therapyresearchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have discovered that a natural product from a traditional Chinese medicinal plant commonly known as thunder god vine, or lei gong Teng, isolated, and for hundreds of years to treat many conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis works by blocking gene control machinery in the cell. The report, which was published as the cover story of the March issue of Nature Chemical Biology suggests that the natural product could be a starting point for the development new cancer drugs. Extracts of this medicinal plant have been used a variety of a number of diseases and was highly praised for anti – inflammatory, immunosuppressive, contraceptive and antitumor activities, says Jun O. Professor of pharmacology and molecular sciences at Johns Hopkins. We’ve known about the active compound, triptolide, and that it stops cell growth, since 1972., But now we have found out what it does .

Eligible professionals and hospitals must register to the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs participate. Registration opened on 3 January 2011. Continue reading

Future studies should also clearly describe certain surgical techniques.

Future studies should also clearly describe certain surgical techniques, such as AD The inclusion of variety of methods. The inclusion of bone abrasion and microfracture techniques could produce different results.

Osteoarthritis is usually a progressive disease, hands, hips, shoulders and knees, affects primarily the elderly. The disease causes cartilage – which cushions the ends of bones in these joints – to break. Loose bits of tissue can then cause pain, swelling and poor joint function. Continue reading

We have shown that the viral toxin stimulates the cells to.

‘We have shown that the viral toxin stimulates the cells to, serotonin, a signaling substance which in turn activates the brain vomiting center ‘to solve, Maria Hagbom, laboratory engineer Molecular Virology Molecular Virology of Liu and the chief author of the article in PLoS Pathogens.

The pattern has been studied in cell culture, where the researchers demonstrated that the viral toxin we cause a release of serotonin says Lennart Svensson, Professor of Molecular Virology at Liu. Continue reading

Karolinska Institutet.

Karolinska Institutet, one of Europe ‘s largest medical universities and Sweden ‘s largest center for medical training and research. Science, Sweden’s academic medical research is carried out here. Karolinska Institute educates and trains professionals throughout the medical field of biomedical laboratory science, physiotherapy and medicine. Karolinska Institutet is also responsible for the nomination of the annual winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Our mission is improve human health through education, research and cooperation.

the next phase of development for our innovation system is the construction of the Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Holding includes biotech company with offices boast ultra-modern infrastructure provide, says Harriet Wallberg – Henriksson. We expect that the premises in the fall of 2009 for be completed. . Continue reading

SNM s more than 17 compared.

SNM ‘s more than 17,000 members for molecular imaging for molecular imaging and nuclear medicine practice by guidelines, sharing information through journals and meetings and leading advocacy on key issues that affect molecular imaging and therapy research and practice. For more information compared .

About SNM – SNM is an international scientific and medical organization, is to raise public awareness about the research and practice.g is and how it can help patients with the best health care possible. SNM members specialize in molecular imaging, a vital element of today’s medical practice that adds an additional dimension to diagnosis, changing the way common and devastating diseases and and treated. Continue reading

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